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Vulnerable People Fund

Sustain For Life support those who are most vulnerable,  in extreme poverty and have no way of becoming self sufficient without the initial means, knowledge and help to change the situation they are in.   Our vulnerable  people fund helps individuals; usually children who are at risk due to malnutrition, poor health, abuse or any other circumstance.  We make sure we’re providing all we can to ease their suffering, help them recover and set them on a road to a sustainable and brighter future.


Titus was found in a slum near Mbale in 2016. He’s a SNE boy who was suffering from catastrophic neglect; his emaciation was so severe, it was highly likely he would not survived much longer had SFL not intervened. Titus was living with extended family who appeared themselves to be well fed, whilst Titus was found starving and lying in the mud licking sugar wrappers. We ensured he was transferred to a hospital for the urgent medical treatment he needed before sending him to a rehabilitation home nearby. Titus joined the SFL scholarship scheme in 2018 and is making excellent progress.   

Edison & Avitus

These two brothers 10 & 16 were brutally attacked and left with severe life threatening injuries. SFL provided on going medical care, surgery and also rehabilitation for the boys.  Their mother also required treatment for her mental health which fortunately was identified and treated.  They are now doing well in school and getting used to living as a family again.  Download the case study


Nabiligou was almost 12 when we found her.  She was living in a rural part of Togo with her mother. She was born disabled; had never walked, can only use one hand and is also deaf. SFL provided access to doctors who advised with some surgery on her legs she will be able to walk! Surgery is talking place in spring 2019, providing her recover goes well she will also be placed in a special school for deaf children giving her an education and a brighter future. 

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With your support, we can help to provide better living conditions and improved nutrition as well as valuable training in life skills and sustainable agriculture. We can give people the opportunity for self-sufficiency and the chance to turn their prospects around.

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