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Assessing Visual and Hearing Impairments in Children

This project aims to discover and document how widespread visual and hearing impairments are among children and young people under the age of 15 in the Kisoro...
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Improving Nutrition in Rural Uganda

Aim: This 12 month project aims at improving the nutrition, health and livelihoods of vulnerable and marginalised families through food security and nutrition education. The poorest of...
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Sustain for Life Scholarship Fund

This project aims to improve access to quality and relevant education for special needs children who are most vulnerable, ultimately with the goal of better quality and sustainable...
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Computer Technology for Children with Special Needs

This project aims to improve the well-being and education opportunities for children with special needs through training in computing and adaptive technology at Kisoro Demonstration School and...
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Building Sustainable Livelihoods in Uganda

Improving livelihoods and food security for vulnerable families in Kamuli District. This project aims to empower the targeted families to achieve food security, develop sustainable livelihoods and become...
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Kisoro School for the Blind and Deaf

Sustain for Life, with generous funding from Masikini Foundation, supports a residential school for blind, deaf and deaf-blind children in Kisoro, Uganda – a town in Western...
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