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Farmer-led Agro Ecological Livelihoods in Burkina Faso

In Burkina Faso, subsistence agriculture and animal husbandry are the foundation of the national economy. The productivity of this farming system depends mainly on rainfall, which has...
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Improving access to clean water in Togo

The Challenge Natural water sources are scarce and are often shared by people and livestock resulting in high levels of contamination. This project will be delivered in...
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Well installation and WASH Training in Burkina Faso

The Challenge Waterborne diseases and malnutrition affect an estimated 38% of children under the age of five in Burkina Faso. To put this in context, access to...
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Disability Mainstreaming in Uganda

Raising funds to remove exclusion for those with disabilities In Uganda, 19% of people aged 5 and over have some form of disability, the number  in Amuru...
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Improving Lives of Deaf Learners in Ngora

Ngora school for the deaf is one of only 3 specialist schools in Uganda, which has a population of 43 million. Children are educated from nursery to...
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Improving Education Infrastructure in Rural Togo

Provision of a modern school infrastructure with an environment for the promotion of school education in order to improve literacy and increase the success rate in the...
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