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Current Projects

Creating a safe & sanitary learning space

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Ephphatha primary school is the only school for deaf children in the region which is attended by students from East Burkina and Northern Benin. These young special...
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Sustainable Agriculture for Visually Impaired Students

Project goals : The overall objective is to contribute to sustainable food production and promote a quality diet at a reduced cost for the blind learners. The...
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Helping Orphans in Benin

Dining Hall and Security Fence Bon Samaritain is an Orphanage in Benin, West Africa which looks after 70 children who face difficult situations including physical abuse, trafficking,...
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Girls in Control

Irise Girls in Control The project aims to support adolescent girls to engage in school more effectively as they enter puberty via engaging local people in income...
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School infrastructure for deaf children in Uganda

Deaf people in Uganda are often deprived of their rights, because of the negative attitude of many hearing people. Deaf people are called kasiru meaning a fool or stupid. They are often victims of injustices such as...
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Improving WASH facilities in Uganda

Roughly two thirds of Uganda’s rural population lack access to safe water. Poor sanitation and hygiene is a cross cutting health concern in all rural Ugandan Villages....
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Farmer-led Agro Ecological Livelihoods in Burkina Faso

In Burkina Faso, subsistence agriculture and animal husbandry are the foundation of the national economy. The productivity of this farming system depends mainly on rainfall, which has...
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Improving access to clean water in Togo

The Challenge Natural water sources are scarce and are often shared by people and livestock resulting in high levels of contamination. This project will be delivered in...
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