Orphanage Water Tower Construction in Benin

Providing Orphans with Access to Clean WaterDonate Now

The Problem

Bon Samaritain is an Orphanage in Benin, West Africa which looks after 70 children.    They face enormous challenges related to clean water. The existing well from where the orphans draw water for their daily basic needs has become unclean and contaminated. Sometimes, especially during the dry season, worms appear in the well, therefore, causing many waterborne diseases.

The Solution 

  • Re-development of the well
  • Building a new water tower
  • Installing a plumbing and water distribution system
  • Photovoltaic powering
  • Solar pump system installation
  • Training staff to maintain the tower

Expected Outcome

70 children and all staff will have:

  • Access to clean and running
  • Improved the living conditions; now able to shower and wash properly, in addition to providing water for drinking and cooking
  • Reduced water related-diseases
  • Reduction of electricity costs

We need to raise £5,510 to complete this project.  To help us achieve this please donate.

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