Improving access to clean water in Togo

The Problem

In Togo, only 63% of the population have access to a safe water source. Natural water sources are scarce and are often shared by people and livestock resulting in high levels of contamination. This project will be delivered in two of the most poorly served districts of Togo, Naki Est and Ogaro, where access to clean water is only currently available for 26% of the population.

The Solution 

  • Building 5 new boreholes and restoring of 24.
  • Identifying and training two Borehole and Pump Mechanics in each community.
  • Training 29 Water Point Managers who will be supporting this project by integrating into their existing community network helping them become self-sufficient.
  • Supervise construction and rehabilitation of all 29 boreholes and provide necessary follow-up.

Expected Outcome

This project will improve the lives of 8,000 economically disadvantaged people living in two of the most deprived districts of Togo.  34 of these beneficiaries have mobility issues making reaching clean water even more of a challenge.

We need to raise £48,091 to complete this project.  To help us achieve this please donate.

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