Fobenga Village School Infrastructure Project

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Aim: This project aims to improve the quality of education in the village of Fobenga-Tierrou, to improve the working conditions of the pupils and the teachers with the aim of improving academic performance of the students by offering a modern school building to its public primary school. The school has a total number of 256 pupils, who are crowded in mud classrooms or crumbling sheds. The situation is unsafe for both the pupils and the teachers and does not offer an appropriate working environment, especially during severe weather. Students are currently exposed to rain, during the rainy season and the harmattan (dry wind that blows during the drought) which exposes them to sicknesses such as pneumonia, dehydration, meningitis and diarrhoea.

Project Outcomes:

  • The erection of three classrooms, equipped with furniture, an office and a store
  • Improvement in working conditions of the pupils and teachers
  • Provision of six toilets
  • Representatives of the community will be trained on the sustained development of school infrastructure

Location: Fobenga

Location Partner: Amis des Enfants de la Terre-Togo (AET-TOGO) an NGO that specialises in community development in the Savanes region of Togo

Beneficiaries: 256 pupils (plus staff and parents)