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Boys’ Dormitory and Sanitation facilities for Visually Impaired Students

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St. Francis Secondary School for the Blind Madera, is the only Special Needs Secondary School that enrols Visually Impaired (“VI”) students in large numbers from northern Uganda and beyond.

This project improved boys’ dormitory and sanitation facilities for both girls and boys, creating space for increased enrolment and retention of VI children in school. It also enables a holistic quality education to a bigger number as these VI students will be under close supervision in a conducive learning environment.

Project Activities:

  • Completion of a 100 bed capacity dormitory for the boys
  • Completion of 2 blocks housing 10 stance drainable pit latrines and 10 shower rooms – for both girls and boys
  • A low-cost incinerator for use by the 46 bed capacity girls’ dormitory
  • Completion of a 8 meter walkway joining the girls’ dormitory to the toilets

Project Outcomes:

  • Improved accommodation for boys studying at Madera SS for the Blind
  • Improved sanitation for both boys and girls studying at Madera SS for the Blind
  • Increased enrolment of VI children at Madera given the increased accommodation