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Dining Room and Kitchen for Ugandan Blind School

Donation Goal For This Project is £60,000
St. Francis Secondary School for the Blind, is a Special Needs Education school in need of a kitchen and dining hall.Donate Now

St. Francis Secondary School for the Blind

By choosing to care and promote the education of visually impaired learners we will empower and improve their lives by reducing ignorance, poverty and disease among them regardless of their gender, religion or background.

Construction of a dining hall and kitchen will improve the care of students and staff, including building relationships between them. We want to encourage students to feel happy, healthy and comfortable at school.   These basic facilities will enable them to sit at a table sharing meals and learnings, instead of eating on the floor and having blind children next to hazardous boiling cooking pots.

With your help Sustain For Life would like to build them a dining and kitchen to accommodate the 120 visually paired learners and 30 staff.

Giving the children and staff these basic facilities will provide numerous benefits:

  • A dedicated safe cooking space
  • Help avoid accidents such as burns due to food spilling
  • Elimination of food contamination by germs
  • A space for students and staff to eat
  • Increased staff and student social interaction
  • Development of good eating habits
  • Encouragement of students to feel happy, healthy and comfortable to eat at table
  • Lunch time hour has a direct impact on the students which will improve their class work

Beneficiaries: 150 visually impaired students will benefit in the fist year with similar numbers in subsequent years.