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Disability Mainstreaming in Uganda

Those with disabilities experience discrimination and lack control over their lives with multiple barriers to securing livelihoods. This project will help farming families achieve greater food security and improved livelihoods, with a special focus on ensuring greater inclusivity and actively engage those with disabilities to be a valued part of society.
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to enable brighter futures

With your support, we can help to provide better living conditions and improved nutrition as well as valuable training in life skills and sustainable agriculture. We can give people the opportunity for self-sufficiency and the chance to turn their prospects around…

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Safe and sanitary learning environments

They are exposed the threat of inclement weather and risks of insect bites and reptile bites. Currently there are 4 toilets in the whole school which are shared among 800 children! Read more…

School infrastructure for deaf children

Many Ugandans believe educating a deaf child is a waste of money, time, and resources. Many fear showing their deaf children in public, and as a result deaf children are often hidden and suffer from isolation. Read more…

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