We are an international charity working to empower people to create sustainable livelihoods.

Sustain for Life helps some of the poorest people on the planet to help themselves.  Read more

Where does the money go?

Our Every Penny Counts promise guarantees that 100% of all money raised goes directly to recipient projects. These are some of the things we have helped to make possible:

  • 8000 children received healthcare in Bwindi, Uganda
  • 6000 kg of vegetables produced at hospital gardens
  • 300 community members trained in agriculture

Can you help?

Just £86 a year will support education and nutrition costs for a child in Uganda  Learn more!

Sponsoring a project

By sponsoring a project directly, you will know exactly where your money goes. You will be able to follow the project through updates and receive news directly from the people you have helped.

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